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First of all, i want to introduce me to you.

My nickname is (warrior)$hacaR and I'm the founder and staff member of this Mod

for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.

While creating this mod i got help from many people like:




They really helped me alot and without them, the whole project wouldnt have been as

successfully as it was.

In the next parts of the page i will give you guys a better imagination about this project

called "ReliVe Mod"


The "ReliVe Mod" will bring to you the following features:

- New weapons skins... (especially the shotgun)

- New Brujah male skins

- New weapons models made my Lenusk@

- some improved objects

Well, that doesnt look very much but the features are in my oppinion

really really great for the whole game and EVERY V:TMB gamer !!!

In the next article i will present to you my update which is finally here !!!


And im very very proud to present to you the huge update i made:

The "SilentMasqu-Mod"

it will bring many many features and i will also post it here on the

Wiki as a new article..

for infos just go here:

and ofc to the officially promotion site:

in the article i will tell you more =)


So, here i will give you some infos about our developement:

The golden Katana and knife which are included in the ReliVe Mod

and also in the update were made a very very long time ago.. i think

i released them 2 years ago.

Then i stopped playing for a pretty long time but i think 8 months ago

i began to play Vampire:The Masquerade Bloodlines regulary again and

i had the big wish to help the community and the game.

Then, 5 months ago i brought my team together and we started to use my

homepage as a developement site:

And then i thought about some new games and i finally had the idea to enhance the

normalmaps of the game and the new, glossy shotgun came out of this...

Well, and in the rest time we brought together weapon skins, pc skins and the models

from Lenusk@ and then, i finally released it at the number 1#

community site right now !


thumb|450px|left thumb|450px|left|When first called Relife Mod

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