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The Silent Masqu Mod

its a big Hi-Res-NPC texture skin pack with also other sexy features =)

Here is the official website:

and here it got released:

This mod offers alot of great features to my favourite game:

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines which exists for many years already.

In the following parts of this article, you can get all infos =)


It offers:

- many unique NPCs like Skleter, LaCroix etc... got a Hi-Res-Reskin/Enhancement
- new weapon models from Lenusk@
- great new sounds made by Cloud9
- New Brujah/Gagnrel/Ventrue(onlyarmor2) SKINS(male)
- enhanced object textures
- enhanced weapon textures (shotgun, flame..)
- New crosshair in the first person view and a new crosshair when using flameth.
- new mainmenue interface
- new vehicle skins/enhancement- and much more =)

Here is a nice Trailer which shows a lot of it (in HD): 500px

Updates Edit

Well, there is no update planed at the moment.

I will perhaps join some other mod staffs in the future but i dont think

that this mod will get an update.


Here some facts about our development.

Development first started on the mod in May, 2009 but i spent a lot

of freetime for it so that it didn't take as a long as the ReliVe mod.

The people who have helped me with the mod were those who also helped with the ReliVe Mod:





All testers

In the beginning of the development i had some problems with normalmaps and some

spec_maps which bring the glossy look but i could solve that and i could finally release it.

If you need me in a modding staff, just contact me here: